Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Hello Dudes & Dudettes,
How 'bout those Lakers! Can you believe they let Houston make them play all 7 games??? Now on to Denver and hopefully another championship! I could go on; but anyway...

I apologize...I know it's been a while since my last post. And I do periodically check on you guys to see how things are going; but I told myself that I would not place another post on my blog until I had a decent pic. Now that I do, here's what's been going on with me since my last blog:
January 2009
I started a new lunchtime habit turned on to me by two co-workers: the stairs. We climb a 25-story building three times, 3-4 days a week! These 50-something women lead the typical SD active lifestyle: one used to be a lifeguard, likes to kayak and play golf and the other does marathons every year across the country! They pestered me for months to join them 'cause I kept saying I wanted to get in shape--I figured this would be a great new year's resolution.
February 2009
Got a promotion and a nice raise to go along with it.

March - April 2009
Pretty much routine days of work, home, work, home, an occasional night out, etc.
May 2009
I found a permanent place and am in the process of moving. To the beach. Try 1.5 blocks from the beach! For only $25 a month more than what I pay now! Plus it's a good deal larger (although still a studio). The place is in Ocean Beach (or OB to the locals) and it's San Diego's version of Venice Beach IMHO. Here's a link:

Our unit takes a day off once a year and goes on a field trip. Last year (before I got there), they went to Scripps Aquarium in La Jolla. This year we went to the flower fields, picked strawberries, and had lunch up in Carlsbad. The weather was mostly overcast, but it was still good day to be out. I wasn't to keen on looking at a bunch of flowers, but once I got there, it was actually pretty cool. The way the flowers are patterned by color are a photographer's dream and the site has a head on ocean view!! I tell you what, you ain't had no strawberries until you had vine-ripened ones straight from the field--forget Henry's, TJs or Whole Foods. These babies were the sweetest, juiciest berries I've ever tasted!!!
Here's one pic that we took--I'll post more when I get batteries for my camera so that I can access the others.
So that's pretty much it for me. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to see everyone sometime over the summer--I know I can't wait to see Andy, Beth, and Jennah's new crib once it's finished!
Oh, and yes...I'm still doing the stair routine! Until next time...
P.S. Can anyone offer advice on how to get this thing to stop the funky spacing? The preview page and post page look totally different!!!


Andy, Beth and Jennah, too! said...

Thanks for the update! Congrats on the Promo... you so deserve it! And congrats too on the new place... you are so more than welcomed to come up and check out our new crib once it's finished ... but after seeing the location of your new place... I'm thinking along the lines of "house swap!!" LOL

Shannyn said...

You are definetly a local now! :) So happy you're staying on the must be a SD thing! ;)